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lady. though she was but the daughter of a lesser lord (and one granted the title, not born into it) it wasn't hard for clever Eleanor to find a place at court and once there to become a favorite of the king, bright and wild as she was; she soon became disenchanted, though, fed up with what was expected of her as a lady and one who had the king's favor especially.

daughter. Nora was turned vampire to save her from dying of the plague, but she was quick to adjust to her new life (fuller as her vampire brother Eric had promised). she, her brother, and their Maker Godric spent decades and decades traveling the world, hunting and feeding and loving each other completely.

chancellor. but even that wasn't enough for her, and she eventually began to work with the Vampire Authority, soon using her cunning, intellect, and ambition to rise through the ranks and become one of the select few chancellors, the highest power in the vampire government.

devotee. during her time with the Authority, a fellow chancellor, Salome, showed her what she thought to be the truth of Lilith, she who was the first vampire, and they slowly devised a scheme to redesign the world as Lilith intended it. only after a revelation spurred by a vision of her dead Maker did Nora realize the flaws of this and join with her brother and the rest of their family to try to put things right again.
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Short version:
  • Kinsey 3 (very bisexual) and instinctively polyamorous.
  • Kinky/domme as fuck who happily switches in certain contexts.
  • As shipping goes: yes to Eric, yes to Salome, yes to Molly, probably to most of the other women, eh not likely with most of the other guys, get it away from me when it is Bill, no sex please with Godric.
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